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Publisher's Summary

Many thyroid disease patients become aware of the fact that they are at an increased risk for developing thyroid malignancy but they are unsure how much that risk increases following diagnosis of their thyroid condition. Within the chapters of this book, I offer information regarding these increased risk factors, backed by reputable medical information sources.

Also included is information regarding thyroid cancer prevention, detection and treatments. I believe this information may offer some comfort to thyroid disease patients but it will also help them to know what to look for regarding signs and symptoms of these higher-risk diseases and possibly to know what blood tests or other medical evaluations they may wish to request from their doctors should they suspect the possible onset of a malignant thyroid disease.

Included are quotes from medical research studies found on the U.S. National Institutes of Health website (reprints allowed for educational purposes). This book is not intended to be an extensive manual but is intended to contain information most often sought by laypersons on the subject.

©2011 James M. Lowrance (P)2014 James M. Lowrance

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