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Publisher's Summary

Stephen R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has been a top seller for the simple reason that it ignores trends and pop psychology for proven principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. Celebrating its 15th year of helping people solve personal and professional problems, this special anniversary edition includes a new foreword and afterword written by Covey that explore whether the 7 Habits are still relevant and answer some of the most common questions he has received over the past 15 years.

This audio edition is the first ever unabridged recording of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

©2004 Franlkin Covey (P)2004 FranklinCovey

Critic Reviews

" The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is by now one of the best-selling books of all time." ( Fortune)

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  • Scott
  • Garland, TX, United States
  • 08-29-10

I don't understand these other reviews

Too religious? Irrational? Morality? What book are these people reading?

Does the author mention religion? Yes. He clearly states that he believes in God. That takes up approximately 2 sentences in the entire book (though he says a little more in the afterword). He also mentions that all enduring religions AS WELL AS all enduring philosophical systems agree on certain principles of human maturity and interaction, and those are the principles he bases the book on. But is The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg religious, or even spiritual? Because that's by far the primary principle in the book.

Now, I guess you could say some parts talk about morality, but not in the sense of "you must love your neighbor" or whatever. And yes, the part about being honest could be seen as morality, but considering the whole point is that honesty is a requirement for having people trust you, it strikes me that many of these negative reviews may be written by people who wanted a quick fix, a set of numerical steps on how to be successful.

But that is not what this book is about. The point of this book is that you will never be content in your life if you are looking for contentment OUTSIDE OF your life. It all has to come from within -- that is, your character, who you are. There's nothing moral about that. There's nothing religious about that. But there's also nothing easy about it. This book is work. Lifelong work. And a lot of people simply are not ready for the implications. The first time I read it I didn't realize how far away from the objective I was. But as I've grown and reread the book, I've discovered how deep it goes.

Of course, none of this is scientific. None of it is rational. That isn't the point. We aren't solving sudoku or splitting atoms. We are dealing with human emotions, and there's nothing rational about emotions. But there can be a solid approach to controlling our lives, and that's what this book is all about.

I just wish they'd hired a professional to read it.

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  • Overall

A true guide for life

This is one of my top ten books of all time for lifelong contemplation.

Key themes of Proactivity; Setting and following priorities; Re-scripting according to principles; Win-Win; Listening to understand others; Synergy; and Renewal are fundamental, timeless and universal.

Dr. Covey's approach is unequalled in breadth and depth, while being entirely accessible to any human being. Everything he writes complements everything I've learned in life, while laboring to uproot any weeds that have grown in my internal garden. Having Dr. Covey read the material to me personally... it's the icing on the cake!

I read "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" when it first appeared decades ago; read it a second time five years later; and now, thanks to Audible, I've begun a profound study and contemplation of the material, that would have otherwise been too tedious to handle, given my other time commitments, as well as the fact that, since my work is about 90% in front of the computer, my eyes tire quickly before printed material in my non-work time.

I organize my listening in two ways: listening in the logical, step by step, chapter by chapter method on the one hand, imagining myself attending a 7 Habits seminar or class; and listening for hours at a time as I lie down to rest/relax/sleep on the other. The result is I end up hearing the material over and over, provoking thoughts and contemplations about where I am in life, where I want to go, and what I need to do to get there. I expect the process to last about six months. My goal from the reading: A complete paradigm re-adjustment for life.

This book has my highest recommendation for any person anywhere.

192 of 215 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Austin
  • Sydney, ON, Canada
  • 12-19-04

Change your Life

If you really want to change your life for the better, read this book. I would suggest not listening to this in the car, but in the quiet of your home and make notes as you do. You will truly change the way you go through life and the way you understand other people.

56 of 64 people found this review helpful

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  • Anita
  • Elkins Park, PA, USA
  • 11-29-04

Excellent Insights

This book provides excellent insights into dealing with others through
introspection. It touches on Victor Frankel and others who provide examples of how to turn adversity into assets. This book is not a traditional self help book, but a companion to guide the listener into ones self.

38 of 44 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Great book bad audio

The material in the book is great and I highly recommend it. This audio version, however, is very difficult to listen to because the author speaks so slowly and pauses so often. I had the feeling that I could have listened to the unabridged version in half the time if read by another narrator. I found myself zoning while listening to the book, rewinding it so I could listen to it again, and by the time I got to the part I had missed, I was zoning again.

My 3 star rating is based on the audio itself, not the content. I highly recommend the book itself, and I may even buy the abridged version so I can refresh myself on the material.

189 of 225 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Thomas
  • Sandy, UT, USA
  • 04-07-05

Great Principles!

I love this book. Steven Covey does a great job at identifying what is important in life and also does a wonderful job at showing the reader how to aply the habits to thier own life. Great book! A must Read!

4 of 4 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

The real deal...

Sadly this book is contrarian to a lot of what goes on in our society. Thus I constantly have to "try" to practice these principles. But the trying is worth it. I have used this book as a standard for turning around the cultures of two manufacturing plants after I was hired from the outside. Those turn-arounds were only accomplished because the principles in this book work and because, if patiently applied, they give a management team a common vocabularly for they way they treat each other and their associates. My only function was to act as catalyst and insist that these principles be practiced. After a couple of years, in both cases the stress levels were way down, the morale was way up, and the performance was beyond anything known before and certainly beyond expectation. In my current assisgnment we're saving over $3M per year (450 people) and the roots of that accomplishment are in this book. It's a book to listen to, to absorb, and to go back to over and over again. An annual tuneup by listening to this program, is typical of those who REALLY try to adopt the 7 Habits (and model them). It's tough to be a perfect practitioner. One can only read and try...

98 of 117 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Timothy
  • Morehead City, NC, USA
  • 09-29-09

Great principles for life

These are great principles to learn for life, but it could be delivered in a different more direct method that will not take 14 hours

12 of 14 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Too much fluff

Generally a good book, but contains too much fluff. Could have been a lot more leaner, while still providing the same values. A great book to hear though.

12 of 14 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Solid Principle Based Content

I have listened to this book multiple times. I gave it to each of my children for christmas. I have encouraged my co-workers and even the chaplain to not only read it but start a study group using it as a base. The information contained is not 100 percent perfect as there are terms that seemed to disagree with what I understood them to mean but they are infrequent.
The principles he chanpions and the methods suggested are right on the money!
I suggest you also get the paperback version as it is cheap and you will want to make notes.
The author does an exceptional job of reading his matereial. The listener can feel the emotion and emphasis the author intended as he not only reads the book but adjusts things enough so that you can visualize the diagrams as he reads.
It is so much more interesting listening to it then it ever could possibly have been reading it.

16 of 19 people found this review helpful

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  • Margaret
  • 04-27-10

The message is simple

Like others on here I initially found the voice monotone and dry with none of the usual punch and uplift found in other personal improvement readings. But on reflection I think that this bland style works better in the long run. It allows you to listen, really listen to what he is saying rather than be short term uplifted. A long book taken at what seems a leisurely pace but I do not think it could have been shortened and still get the message across. This is a casserole not a microwave meal.

37 of 38 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Triplecat
  • 01-23-09

Highly recommended.

I'd known about this book for a long time and it was always on my list of books to read (listen to). I found the 7 habits fascinating. The age of the book does come across and it is a little preachy but Stephen Covey's research, conclusions and insights are staggering in their depth. Although you come away feeling that a lot of what he says is common sense, the vast majority of people, including myself, would never think in those terms. Stephen unravels what it is to be human and how to make the most of that gift. I can't believe anyone listening could fail to benefit hugely from the experience.

36 of 39 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Stir
  • 05-23-12

Get over the hangup - does NOT push religion

There are a few reviewers who have written off the book because the author happens to merely mention - in one sentence in the prologue - that he is a Christian. Surely the problem is no more than if he had mentioned being an atheist? - Anyway it is irrelevant to the content of the book and has no bearing on the concept, which is well researched and solid. The author has presented to boards of directors of major international companies and organisations and they wouldn't buy into crap and this is in no way wishy-washy or spiritual, the principles are well set out and argued.
I let the voice - which some may find jarring - pass over me and listened to the content which was what I bought it for after all.
Very insightful and well organised.
As an open minded individual - as far as one may be - why are so many people so touchy as to junk an entire book that is well reviewed by many business leaders and thinkers (and others) simply because an author mentions that he/she has a belief system? Very odd methinks...perhaps there may be something in it. Must look deeper myself perhaps - shall look in the relevant Audible category for a scholarly work without a strong agenda in either direction methinks! - Any suggestions anyone?

58 of 64 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Chris
  • 08-20-09

good stuff

i thought this was interesting and useful book. The behaviours (habits) make alot of sense
It is a tad preachy at the end. If your in a toss up between this and how to win friends and influence people i think the later is better

13 of 14 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Atif
  • 03-23-11

Helped me focus on who I am

brilliant book.Layed out principles that are common for all people and essential for success. it helped me to re-focus on what is important for me in life and how to reprioritise my life around my principals.
A must listen for anyone and everyone

18 of 20 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Leon
  • 06-16-06

7 Habits, constructive change not quick-fix

I took the time to listen to the unabridged version. Audible could do with reviewing the encoding but other than that the book was excellent.

This book is required reading for managers in the 21st century as is the 8th habit. This was an easy listen (even the unabridged version) and Stephen Covey is a great narrator. I'd recommend this book to all.

72 of 85 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Chantelle Lue
  • 09-28-17

Brillant Book!

I had previosuly attended a sales training course based on the 7 habits and it literally changed my entire percepeption of life. The book (and the bible!) is a must read for anyone who really wants to understand who they are and make positive changes in their lives. If you're looking for a quick-fix, don't read it, because it does not offer 'implement now' solutions to any problems. It rather helps you to focus on that which is truly important in life and offers and insight into the reasons behind why you face the challenges you do. I honestly believe that if we all mastered these 7 habits and focussed on God, the world would be a better place!

4 of 4 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Paul
  • 08-02-07

Life changing

You can now have your cake and eat it. Having read a lot of management books, this is the one that will change your outlook on family and work. You will learn over time to do things differently and take control of those aspects of your life that at the moment might be controlling you.
The book is very readable and listening to Stephen Covey is even better.

36 of 43 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • bookwormbadger
  • 03-18-11

A great listen

A very empowering book with lots of easy to do, useful ideas for leading a happier, more fulfilling life. Well worth a listen.

12 of 14 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Alan
  • 04-13-10

Must Read

If you have not yet read this book then you really should. It has been very influential and contains a wealth of ideas. If you only read one personal development book it should be this one. The audio book is well read by the author and is easy to follow and quite entertaining.

15 of 19 people found this review helpful

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  • Jon
  • 11-24-15

Excellent resource, will listen over and over agai

If you could sum up The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in three words, what would they be?

outstanding, informative must have

What did you like best about this story?

the advise and in depth explanation

Have you listened to any of Stephen R. Covey’s other performances? How does this one compare?

no, but will in the future

If you made a film of this book, what would be the tag line be?

invest in your future now

4 of 4 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Ricky
  • 09-18-15

Meh...didn't leave me all that impressed

Quite frankly, I wasn't blown away by this book. I dont think Covey presented anything life changing and as he admits within this book - he didn't actually invent anything. Maybe my opinion would be different if I read/listened to this when I was younger and still finding my place in the world. None the less, the principles covered are important life skills and everyone should learn them from somewhere - which may or may not be this book.

What Covey did do well was arrange the principals into an easy to understand framework and relate it to every day life. On some occasions though, I feel he made far to much explanation and the end product could have been a much shorter piece of work while still maintaining its effectiveness. If you dont want to listen to 13 hours of this, Covey summarizes the content on his website, freely available to read through in about 20 minutes.

It came off as a little preachy in parts and while Covey is free to have one, religion doesn't really need to be in this book and all of these principles are 100% achievable without it.

I found Covey's reading to be top-notch though. His voice tone wasn't dreary, was clear and even calming, and I could easily listen to him narrate other of his works. The only thing annoying in the presentation was that awful little jingle/harmony they played between sections.

24 of 29 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Amazon Customer
  • 06-07-17

Timeless Book

In rebuilding our civilisation we need to reclaim the True North principles that made it great. These are based on natural laws that are embodied in human nature.

Key amongst these is recognising people as persons who are ends in themselves and understanding that ultimately we are responsible for our own lives.

In this masterpiece, the Late Stephen Covey takes us through the journey of personal transformation from the inside out. Starting with accepting responsibility for that which we can influence, we design our lives and learn to achieve a private victory. We then learn to engage with others on a win-win basis, learning to understand them and ensure we're understood so that we can build better solutions together.

Last of all, we need to constantly renew ourselves. This is an excellent book.

3 of 3 people found this review helpful

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  • Performance
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  • Anonymous User
  • 06-16-17

great listen,

I'll be a different person and I'll help others through my lessons and new knowledge

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Anonymous User
  • 06-04-17

A timeless classic

Relevant despite it's age, this book is potentially life-changing. Should be mandatory reading for everyone

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Noreen
  • 10-09-16


loved it. Full of excellent, practical advice on how to manage your day to day life and other people. The best book i have read about management.

5 of 6 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Amol
  • 08-27-16

A must read for everyone

Very practical, everyone should read/listen this book early in their lives and few more times over years ahead.

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Krizy
  • 04-14-16

Too much examples made me drift away

I didn't like that it wasn't straight to the point. The book kept providing too many examples and it made me as a reader drift away and get distracted. I was really looking forward to reading this book based on the number of reviews. I finished it but it was painful.

4 of 5 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Bradley
  • 04-19-15

Life changing

Great book with strategies for every day life. A framework to build a successful and fulfilling life.

8 of 11 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Performance
  • Story
  • Kelby OShea
  • 10-22-17

Self evidently annoying

I probably didn't get a lot out of this book because I have already heard many of these strategies synthesised in a more appealing way by more modern writers on these topics. However, I do take issue with constant use of the intellectually lazy phrase "self evident". I am sure that for Covey, his moral and ethical concerns do not need to be justified beyond their presence in the bible. But, really, any position that can be taken should be defensible and justified, even if briefly.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful