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Best of the Best in Self Development

Best in Self Development

The Best Self-Help Audiobooks for Reaching Your True Potential

It can be hard to find motivation while caught up in the pace of everyday life—or bogged down by anxieties. With these carefully chosen listens, you can put the advice of the world’s leading personal development experts right into your ears the next time you're in need of inspiration. Here we’ve put together a list of favorites from veterans of the genre.

Comforting Audiobooks About Grief and Loss That Actually Help

When it comes to the death of a loved one, there is no easy path forward. Grieving can place significant mental strain on those who are mourning. And because everyone grieves a little differently, it can be hard to know where to turn for help, or what to say to someone who is in the throes of grief. Audiobooks on grief can offer insight to those looking for ways to support the mourning, or a bit of comfort for anyone struggling with loss themselves.

Beginners Meditation Audiobooks

The benefits of meditation range from the mental to the physical and everything in between. If you want to start meditating but don't know where to begin, we have you covered. This selection of audiobooks will answer your questions, assuage your fears, and get you ready to dive into the ancient practice. Our picks have one shared message: meditation is whatever you need it to be. There are no hard-and-fast rules, no fancy equipment needed.

Audiobooks to Help You Find Self-Motivation

We all get stuck in a rut and struggle to find motivation from time to time. No matter what your goals are, from reinventing yourself to optimizing your work life to getting fit, we've compiled a list of the 10 best audiobooks to shake things up and get you started. Get listening to the inspiring titles below to jumpstart your motivational journey with exercises and advice to get you living your best life and reaching all your goals.

A Beginner's Guide to Eating Well

So-called "health food" often gets a bad rap for being dull, tasteless, and unsatisfying. But eating nutritious meals and snacks doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, there are some truly delicious ways to prepare some seriously healthy eats. If you’ve always wanted to learn more about the benefits of eating well—and how to do it—look no further. Here are some of the best audiobooks on eating well to get you started.

Audiobooks to Get You Through a Breakup

It’s no secret why there are millions of songs, poems, novels, and films about breakups: heartbreak, sadly, is a universal human experience. The end of a relationship—even it’s on mutual, amicable terms and for the best—can be emotionally devastating. These listens offer empathy and reassurance, as well as practical advice and proven strategies for coping, healing, regaining your confidence, and finding the courage to love again.

20 Best Success Audiobooks for Reaching Your Potential

Any achievement worth achieving takes determination, hard work, and a good dose of inspiration now and again—as even the highest achievers will attest. We’ve compiled a selection of exceptional audiobooks with a range of insights and analyses on what makes success possible. Listen and learn from the wisdom and experience of podcast hosts, famous investors, renowned professors, and superstars in their fields.

20 Best Psychology Audiobooks

Human psychology—it’s what makes us tick, and it continually affects every aspect of our life. Learning about the field isn’t just fascinating; it can have a significant impact on our relationships, our personal growth and development, and our safety and well-being. From renowned psychologists, researchers, and investigators, here are 20 outstanding audiobooks to inspire you to delve into the inner-workings of the human mind.

20 Best Leadership Audiobooks to Inspire You and Your Team

What makes a great leader? While there’s debate over different qualities, experts overwhelmingly agree: strong people skills—empathy, curiosity, and humility among them— are essential. Yet, such "soft" skills are difficult to measure, which can make them challenging to improve upon. Our list of the 20 best leadership audiobooks features proven strategies and actionable advice from great leaders to help you inspire your team.

Best Audiobooks on Communication

Communication is essential to getting along and getting ahead—but for most of us, it's a skill we're expected to simply pick up as we move through life. Not surprisingly, there might be a lot you don't know about communicating with others. Luckily, communication is a widely studied and well-researched field. Many experts and authors have gathered their best advice and techniques to help you improve your communication skills and relationships.

The Best Audiobooks for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business can be tough. Not only do you have to take your amazing idea from fledgling proposal to working business model, but there are so many little details and unexpected challenges along the way. If you're thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, or if you're in the thick of launching your own business, check out some of these best books for entrepreneurs to help you navigate the uncertain territory of starting a business.

Minimalist Living: How to Start Living More Mindfully with Less

If you have an Instagram account or follow style trends of the past few years, you might have noticed that minimalism has caught on big time. Minimalism, put simply, is the philosophy of living with only what you need and focusing more on experiences than possessions. It might seem daunting to make the switch to minimalist living, but we have a few tips on minimalist living to help ease the transition.

The Best Zen Audiobooks to Guide You to Enlightenment

Perhaps you’re a meditation master looking for some in-depth topics, or maybe you’re new to your zen practice and seeking guidance. Either way, these ten titles offer a comprehensive selection to begin or continue your spiritual practice. Our selection includes poems, short stories, letters, and full-length texts all brought to life in audio. They cover various schools of philosophy and religion from traditionalists to modern practitioners.

How to Be Happier, According to These Smile-Inducing Audiobooks

"Happiness" seems like this abstract concept we keep reaching for but will never be able to actually grasp, right? Wrong—at least according to the following authors. Here is a list of the best audiobooks to help you find your pathway to happiness. Some are step-by-step guides; others are personal accounts of finding the way to a genuinely happy life.

Inspiring and Motivational Books for Women

Over the past few decades, feminism and the women's rights movement have made tremendous strides, giving women greater opportunities in multiple areas and even confronting inclusivity issues within the movement itself. While there is still much work to be done, it is important for women to acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of the brave, resilient activists who worked to make it happen. Find inspiration here.

Audiobooks to Guide You on Your Self-Care Journey

If you’re looking for guidance on the path toward self-reflection while gaining helpful methods of self-care, you’ll find it—and more—in this collection of listens. The following audiobooks will provide both the inspiration you need to embrace feelings of appreciation, care, and pure love for yourself and actionable ways to make practicing them a part of your daily routine. These listens offer honest advice, helpful tips, and heaps of encouragement.

The Best Relationship Listens to Help You Navigate Dating, Marriage, and More

Relationships are hard—especially romantic relationships. Are you dating, in a serious relationship, married, or somewhere in between? Thankfully, no matter what your current relationship status is, there are plenty of listens out there that offer guidance and support. The following audiobooks all offer helpful guidance on all aspects of relationships.

Head to Head: Competing Advice for How to Succeed

When trying to reach a goal or make a lifestyle change, it’s tempting to latch on to the advice of the first expert who promises to have all the answers. Dig a little deeper though, and you might find that the opposite of what you first heard may have been what you needed all along. To find the advice that works best for you, we’ve rounded up a list of top self-development books with competing messages to help you advance your personal journey.

The Best Listens to Help You Love, Honor, and Appreciate Your Body

Body positive thinking reminds us that it's not our bodies that are wrong or bad, it's interlocking systems of oppression that try to convince us that they are. Wherever you are on your body positivity journey, these listens are here for you to enjoy, delight in, learn from, and get inspired by. Celebrating bodies of all kinds will lead to a better world for all of us.