Audible on Alexa

Access the world's largest selection of audiobooks
with the sound of your voice. Just ask Alexa.

Listening to Audible on Alexa

Just ask Alexa to read any Audible title and enjoy a great listen without lifting a finger. Start with, "Alexa, read..."

You can skip ahead to the next chapter, pause, or control narration speed. With Alexa, you're always in control of your Audible audiobook.

Set a sleep timer before you go to bed so you're sure to never miss a moment of your listen.

Discover free listens whether you're new to Audible and ready for a free audiobook or you're a member and want to learn more about this month's exclusive listening event.

New Things to Try

Explore the official Choose Your Own Adventure Alexa skill from Audible. Just say "Alexa, open Choose Your Own Adventure" and relive the classic interactive stories in a whole YOU way.

It’s easy to change the narration speed of your Audible book. Just ask Alexa. While your audiobook is in progress, you can say things like, "Alexa, speed up", "Alexa, read faster" or "Alexa, read slower". Find the pace that suits you best. Whatever speed you choose, it will sync across all your Alexa-enabled listening devices.

Now, you can just say, "Alexa, play Harry Potter Quiz" and put your knowledge of the Wizarding World to the ultimate test. Brought to you by Pottermore Publishing and Audible, the official Harry Potter Quiz on Alexa features new questions every day, excerpts from all the bestselling audiobooks, narrated by the incomparable Jim Dale, and the ability to earn points to keep your Hogwarts House at the top of the leaderboard.