Voice commands for
listening on Alexa

Listen to an audiobook

Alexa, read my book.
(Plays your last book listened to.)
Alexa, read [Tom Sawyer] from Audible.
Alexa, read [The Hobbit] from Audible.

Listen to a podcast

Alexa, play my podcast.
(Plays your last podcast listened to.)
Alexa, play the podcast [West Cork] from Audible.
Alexa, play the podcast [This American Life] from Audible.

Explore genres

Alexa, read me a bedtime story.
Alexa, read me an adventure.
Alexa, read me a comedy.
Alexa, read me a mystery.

Get a recommendation

Alexa, what should I read next?
(Only available to Audible members.)
Alexa, recommend an audiobook.

Go back or go forward

Alexa, go back.
Alexa, go forward.
Alexa, go back [45 seconds].
Alexa, go forward [2 minutes].

Skip chapters

Alexa, next chapter.
Alexa, previous chapter.
Alexa, go to chapter number [7].

Alexa, go to last chapter.
Alexa, restart.

Narration speed

Alexa, read faster.
Alexa, read slower.
Alexa, read at normal speed.

Pause or resume

Alexa, pause.
Alexa, resume.
Alexa, play.

Purchase books

Play podcast episodes

Alexa, next episode.
Alexa, previous episode
Alexa, go to [episode 5].
Alexa, play [episode 15] of the [West Cork] podcast.

Discover content

Alexa, what's free from Audible?
(New titles available monthly.)
Alexa, relax with Diddy.
Alexa, relax with Nick Jonas.
Alexa, help me go to sleep.

Set a sleep timer

Alexa, stop reading in [12 minutes].
Alexa, set a [6 minute] sleep timer.

Switch profiles

Access your Library

Alexa, what are my books?
Alexa, what's in my Audible Library?

Alexa skills

Alexa, play Harry Potter quiz.

Join Audible

Alexa, start an Audible trial.
Alexa, join Audible.

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Visit our Help Center

Alexa, call Audible Customer Service.

Want to chat? Alexa can connect you with a member
of our Customer Care team.

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