About Luke Daniels

Coming from a family full of actors, some might say that Luke Daniels was destined to be a performer. It turns out that while he has a background in classical theater and film, having performed in repertory theaters around the country, he was well suited to audiobook narration thanks to his expressive and engaging voice. It has helped him embody such bold works as Jack Kerouac’s The Haunted Life (his found manuscript), Michael Crichton’s The Terminal Man, John Updike’s My Father’s Tears and Other Stories, and many a Nora Roberts novel.

But, as any Iron Druid fan can attest, Daniels has really developed a specialty with science fiction and fantasy titles. His performances of Kevin Hearne’s best-selling series helped make him Audible’s 2012 Narrator of the Year. He has an exceptional knack for accents, which comes into play with the long-running fantasy series which features Celtic accents. “As a kid I was always doing voices and coming up with characters. Some that I still use in books today,” he’s said.

While he and Kevin Hearne have gone public on twitter about their collaboration in preparation Hearne’s newest series, Daniels has also said that he likes to wing it to some degree when it comes to preparing for a recording, wanting it to be a “free-floating experience,” and has controversially advocated cold reads. Speaking of cold, he maintains his home in Michigan, where he protects his voice and combats the long winters with hot water mixed with lemon and honey.

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  • Off to Be the Wizard
  • Hounded
  • Heart of Evil
  • The Three-Body Problem