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My Favorite Comedy Listens on Audible

Mike Sacks, the writer of Passable in Pink, a totally radical '80s Prom-Com starring Gillian Jacobs, Adam Scott, Bobby Moynihan and a full cast.
Pale Fire
Pale Fire By: Vladimir Nabokov
“This is a book that feels like it could have been written by a higher life form attempting to sound human. It’s a work of genius and I can never fully wrap my head around it, but it makes me laugh. The narrator does a fantastic job of capturing Nabokov’s incredibly unique voice.”
The Indignities of Being a Woman
The Indignities of Being a Woman By: Merrill Markoe, Megan Koester
“I got into comedy because of the sensibility Merrill Markoe brought to Late Night with David Letterman as head writer, as well as the hilarious books she’s written since. This Audible Original, co-written with Megan Koester, made me laugh so hard when I was traveling from New York to Virginia that I nearly ended up off the road and in the woods. Strangely, I was on a bus. ”
The Coloring Book
The Coloring Book By: Colin Quinn
“Colin Quinn is one of my favorite stand-ups, especially when he’s talking about New York City. I find The Coloring Book to be a very loving (almost poetic) take on his home town, of which I am lucky enough—and, some days, unlucky enough—to now call home.”