The Sidemen Would Love To Define Some UK Terms For You

The internationally adored comedy group just wrapped up an audiobook, and we've scored some (not at all dodgy) bonus material.

If your gaming experience peaked somewhere around Nintendo 64, then the chances of you knowing the Sidemen are probably slim. But your kids do (and probably some of your coworkers, as well). And with more than 40 million YouTube subscribers across all of their channels and more than eight million Twitter followers combined, this UK-based comedy group is amassing an ever-growing audience of social media devotees addicted to their lovable antics.

While its seven members — JJ (KSI), Harry (Wroetoshaw), Simon (Miniminter), Vik (Vikkstar123), Josh (Zerkaa), Ethan (Behzinga), and Tobi (Tobjizzle) — rose to fame through energetic and outrageous video game commentaries posted on YouTube, their most popular videos have become those that feature the group in real life: their quirky pranks, their hilarious challenges, and the endless chaos that’s become the house they share.

Here, they translate some of the slang used in their new audiobook, which is loaded with behind-the-scenes commentary and bonus materials:


Hear the whole thing here

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