Angie Thomas on Tupac, Honoring Young Black Men, and What’s Next
The author of 'The Hate U Give' and 'On the Come Up' pays tribute to the experience of Black manhood with 'Concrete Rose,' a prequel about Maverick, one of her most beloved characters. Read now
Desus and Mero Talk Knowledge and Growth in the Land of Humor
The hosts of the 'Bodega Boys' podcast and the hit self-titled Showtime series share why writing and recording 'God-Level Knowledge Darts: Life Lessons from the Bronx' was the perfect evolution for them and their fandom, a.k.a. the Bodega Hive. Read now
Laila Lalami Stands for America's 'Conditional Citizens'
Pulitzer Prize finalist Laila Lalami uses stunning stories from her life to illustrate how US citizenship is not given equally to all Americans. Read now
Bill Konigsberg Builds 'The Bridge' to A Better Option
Acclaimed author Bill Konigsberg crafts a complete narrative exploring depression and suicide in his speculative and moving novel about two struggling teens. Read now
Matthew McConaughey (and That Voice!) on the 'Greenlights' and Bumper Stickers That Made Him
Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey talks to us about writing and recording his new memoir, 'Greenlights.' Read now
'The Only Good Indians' Are Not What You Think They Are
Bram Stoker Award-winning author Stephen Graham Jones spins a horror story that is as stunning as it is macabre while pushing the boundaries on what it means to be an American Indian today. Read now
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María Antonieta Osornio, 'The Woman Who Knows How to Fly'
Luis Alberto Gónzalez Arenas, co-author of 'La Mujer Que Sabe Volar (The Woman Who Knows How to Fly),' reflects on how, even after a tragic accident, María Antonieta Osornio lives life to the fullest. Read now