Arts & Culture
Black Voices for Inspiration, Growth, and Optimism
In times of strife and trial we (especially those of us who relish the self-development genre) look to inspirational voices for guidance. This collection highlights supportive, hopeful, and uplifting Black voices—we think you’ll find some light and optimism here, too. Read now
Science & Technology
Sonic Boom
Find out why people are turning to sound baths to relax and help them find a state of peace. Read now
The Best Listens About Dreams
Having weird dreams? You’re not alone. Learn how to understand and even program your nightly adventures with these essential dream listens. Read now
Arts & Culture
Mark Manson Wants You to Remember that 'Love Is Not Enough'
The best-selling self-development author’s new listen is the cure for relationship woes in our shelter-in-place era. Read now
Tips And Resources To Help With Working From Home
As more people are making arrangements to work from home, our partners on the Audible for Business team have collected a number of titles to help smooth the transition. They've got you covered on topics such as virtual collaboration, productivity, and communication. Read now
Arts & Culture
Lori Gottlieb's Engaging New Memoir Shows Therapy Is Really About Making Connections
Therapist and journalist Lori Gottlieb achieves a double delight with her entertaining and therapeutic memoir that takes you into the therapy room and allows us to see her as both the therapist and the patient. Read now
Arts & Culture
See Why Real-Life Mogul Tiffany Pham Wants You To Know 'You Are a Mogul' Too
Tiffany Pham, founder and CEO of the online platform Mogul, which aims to change the lives of women worldwide, shares why her first solo book is just the inspiration young women need and how audiobooks helped make her who she is today. Read now