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Bryan Burrough Tackles True Crime And How It's Been The Backbone Of His Identity As A Writer
In his latest book, 'Til Murder Do Us Part', author, narrator, and journalist Bryan Burrough explores a notorious unsolved case in New Jersey with special significance to editor Christina Harcar. Read now
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Brad Meltzer Makes History Just As Thrilling As His Other Bestsellers
The acclaimed Mystery and Thriller author talks about the natural intrigue of the secret plot to kill George Washington and how it reinforces his work on heroes and the nature of heroism. Read now
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A Brief History on the Importance of ... Well, History, With Dan Jones
Once dubbed "England's edgiest historian," author Dan Jones delights in finding new ways to make history come alive for everyone - whether you thought it was for you or not. Read now
List: This Is What A (Doctor, Scientist, Athlete, Mother, etc.) Looks Like
Books by and about some of the world's most inspiring women, in a range of occupations from athlete to soldier to mother to president. They're introduced by Audible's own Christina Harcar, who leads our peer-mentoring group Women@Audible. Read now