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Two Engineers Share What it’s Like to Build Mobile Products at Audible

Trevor Adcock and Alexandra Klimenko against a dark blue background with an orange soundwave behind them.

“One of the most motivating parts of the job,” says Trevor Adcock, a software development engineer working on our mobile app team, “is when we ship a feature. You do all this work, and it goes out, and maybe a month or so down the road you’ll see something pop up on the internet saying, ‘I can’t believe they built this!’”

Adcock and fellow engineer Alexandra Klimenko recently shared some of the most rewarding parts of their work here at Audible in a LinkedIn Live discussion with our tech recruiter Claude Westbrooks. In addition to giving a behind-the-scenes look into how they build new features and improve upon existing app experiences, Klimenko describes a supportive atmosphere where experimentation is encouraged and processes are always being improved, and where failure isn’t seen as categorically negative, but an opportunity to learn.

“I found a culture where everyone is inspired to constantly learn,” she says. “I like to say that we’re not just customer obsessed—we’re also teammate obsessed.”

Their discussion provides a glimpse into what fuels our mobile app team as they innovate on behalf of our customers every day. Watch the talk here, and check out our open roles for mobile engineers.

Claude Westbrooks, Alexandra Klimenko and Trevor Adcock