Inside Audible

What’s it Like to Work with Us? Our Software Engineers Share their Stories.

A group of Audible employees are gathered around a table in Audible's office. One woman smiles brightly to  her colleague sitting next to her.

“My team at Audible is 50-50 in terms of gender. In the tech industry that is almost unimaginable,” says Meher Vohra, a software development engineer at Audible.

Jenn Lee, Senior Director of Software Development, agrees. After working at companies where she was one of the only women in the room, she says “it was so surprising there were so many women in tech” when she joined Audible.

Their stories are part of a series of videos focused on what it’s like to work in tech at Audible. Filmed in our Newark and Cambridge offices before Covid-19 hit, the videos give viewers a flavor of our team dynamics, cutting-edge technology and expansive office spaces, with particular focus on Audible’s Innovation Cathedral—a rehabilitated 80,000 square foot historic church.

Learn what it’s like to be an Audible Software Development Engineer.