This Tongue Twister Challenge is the Olympics of Narration

Emilia Fox sits at the microphone excitedly narrating Audible UK's Tongue Twister Challenge.

The Audible UK Tongue Twister Challenge puts celebrity narrators to the test, pushing the oral dexterity of acting legends like Juliet Stevenson, Emilia Fox and Jonathan Pryce.

Challengers have one minute to narrate as much as they can of the notoriously difficult poem The Chaos, earning a point for each word they get right and losing a point for each word they get wrong. Three mistakes and they’re out. To make it even more interesting—and fun!—the challenge begins with a spin of the wheel to see which accent the narrator will use for the challenge, from Cockney to Australian to Pirate (aye, it’s an accent, matey).

After you’ve finished being amazed by the impressive skills of these three narrators, subscribe to Audible UK’s YouTube channel to see who masters the challenge next. New challengers step up to the mic regularly.

Juliet Stevenson at the mic testing her oral dexterity in Audible UK's Tongue Twister Challenge.
Emilia Fox stands next to the Audible dialect wheel of the tongue twister challenger crossing her fingers in hopes of a dialect she can do easily.
Jonathan Pryce sits at the microphone testing his oral dexterity in Audible UK's Tongue Twister Challenge.


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