Italy’s A Casa Con Audible Brings Light and Listening to Those at Home

Italy, one of the countries hit hardest by the Covid-19 virus, imposed a national quarantine on March 9. Extending restrictions already in place in northern Italy, all Italians were required to stay home save for essential outings. To help bring joy, escape and distraction, Audible Italy created A Casa Con Audible which offers 80 titles free to stream and available to anyone without a registration or free trial. Listens include titles from major authors and bestsellers and range across science, family entertainment, humor, history, foreign language lessons and classics.

“We wanted to help Italians facing this difficult moment through the power of the spoken word,” explains Elisabetta Bottani, Audible Italy PR Manager. “We knew we could provide a new way of entertainment through our huge variety of content,” for those who couldn’t access cultural events but wanted to feed their minds, those wanted to take the time to learn a new language or channel some self-empowerment, or parents or grandparents who needed to entertain children.

Most importantly, “our customers are literally loving A Casa con Audible,” says Kenneth Harley, Senior Manager of Marketing for Audible Italy. People “are attesting to their gratitude with messages on our social pages and letting us know what they are listening to during the lockdown.”

The gratitude ranges from the practical to the emotional. One customer said, “Thank you! I am a teacher. I would love to use your audiobooks to offer to my students,” while another shares that they’re listening “to feel less lonely in these days.”


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