Get Immersed in Audible’s “Stan Lee Alliance: A Trick of Light”

A man with glasses is standing in a dark art installation in which purple light is being reflected on mirrors placed throughout the small room.

We get it. Not everyone can attend San Diego Comic-Con. But that’s all right, because we captured Audible’s immersive Stan Lee Alliances: A Trick of Light experience from Comic-Con this year. Now all true believers can hear (and see) this audio- and light-driven journey for themselves.

We also held a featured session at SDCC, “Stan Lee’s Alliances: A Trick of Light Presented by Audible.” The session’s panelists, which included star Yara Shahidi, creators Luke Lieberman, Ryan Silbert and Kat Rosenfield, and moderator Andre Meadows, spoke about Stan Lee’s legacy and the thrill of creating this new Audible Original.