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A large crowd of people in front of Audible's SXSW event
HighlightsMarch 28, 2019
Audible Teams Up with SXSW

Audible’s robust presence at SXSW this year showcased upcoming release “Heads Will Roll” and motivational speaker Rachel Hollis. With over 100 works from SXSW speakers in its catalog, Audible augmented listeners’ experience of the conference.

Staring up the side of a tall glass office building with blue sky on one side of it and dark clouds on the other.
HighlightsDecember 17, 2018
The Big Store Now Available as Audible Book

When he was a journalist, Audible founder and CEO Don Katz spent six years reporting on Sears for "The Big Store." In an updated introduction for a new Audible edition, Katz reflects on the lessons that informed Audible’s founding and growth.