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Audible’s New App Library Makes Organizing Collections Easy

A close up view of the Audible app on a smart phone showing a user's audiobook titles filed into collections with the names "home workout" and "mom's listens."

Some of our best ideas come from our customers and the desire to better organize their Audible libraries is no exception. Steve Hammer, VP of Marketing and a seven-year Audible veteran, worked on the Audible library revamp and shares the process the cross-functional project team used for creating this feature. This interactive tutorial shows the new features in action.

What were customers specifically looking for in their libraries?

Members were hungry for easier ways to organize their titles so they can find what they’re looking for more easily. They wanted Audible to do some of the organizing for them automatically, but they also craved the ability to customize their own libraries based on personal taste.

Beyond organization, what surprised me most when we spoke with listeners was the emotional connection that Audible members have with their libraries. They talk about their libraries in very personal terms and are very protective of them. Titles can be really meaningful and memorable, and they start to reflect who the listener is as a person.

What are the most exciting features of the new library?

First, there will be genre folders that will automatically separate your Mysteries & Thrillers from your Self Development titles. We will also have new filters based on listening status so it will be easy to see a list of titles that you haven’t started, that are in progress or that you’ve already finished.

I think the biggest crowd-pleaser will be custom collections. For the first time, Audible listeners will be able to create their own personalized folders of titles however they want. For example, listens for their kids can be put in one folder, workout titles in a separate one and relaxing listens for bedtime in another. Our members are such a diverse and creative population; I can’t wait to see how they take advantage of this new capability.

What went into building it? How did you imagine the different ways people would use their libraries?

The best part of this project for me has been working with a truly cross-functional team of smart, passionate Audible employees. Product and UX team members really led the way for us by speaking directly with listeners to understand their needs, then translating them into a series of new designs. We’ve also had a lot of terrific work from Marketing, Creative, Global Insights, Data Science, Content, Finance, Customer Care, and of course Technology and QA to make it all happen. With these teams and more, I’ve loved seeing everyone exemplify the best of Audible People Principles including “Customer Obsession” and “Articulate the Possible and Move Fast to Make it Real.”

Will this rollout to international marketplaces also?

Yes! This is already underway first in Australia, with the rest of international marketplaces planning to launch by the end of May.

How will you personally use the new library?

I’m most looking forward to creating a library collections folder that has my all-time favorite titles. Whenever I’m with friends and family talking about why I love Audible, I want to be able to quickly show them my favorites to help get them excited, too.

A woman with long blonde hair and with a black crew neck shirt on leans against a wall, her face reflected in the screen next to her, looking off in the distance with a wall of post-it notes behind her.
The cross-functional team brainstorming ideas and mapping out functionality for the Audible library.
Two men stand facing each other and talking in front of a board covered with different colored post-it notes, all with writing on them. The man on the left is wearing a gray hoodie and black baseball cap and the man on the right is wearing a black shirt and gray zip on sweater.
The cross-functional team brainstorming ideas and mapping out functionality for the Audible library.


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