Audible Honors Transgender Awareness Week

Against a white background, several illustrated hands are raised in the air. They are each different colors--purple, blue, yellow, etc--with a heart in the middle of the palm.

According to GLAAD, 80% of Americans believe they’ve never met someone who is transgender. At Audible, we know the power stories have to immerse us in lived experiences that are different from our own and in the process transform hearts and minds. That’s why we’re offering journalist Samantha Allen’s informative and hilarious account of her transgender journey, M to (WT)F, free to all during Transgender Awareness Week, November 13-20, 2020.

The week seeks to raise awareness of the issues faced by the transgender community and culminates in the November 20th Transgender Day of Remembrance, honoring the lives lost to anti-transgender violence. Celebrating and supporting the full spectrum of identity has long been part of Audible’s culture, and it is included in our People Principles which state, “we embrace and work to protect inherent civil rights” including those based on people’s gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation. To learn more, read Audible Founder and Executive Chairman Don Katz’s statement in support of trans rights.

Download a copy of M to (WT)F.


Inside AudibleJune 23, 2020
Audible Supports Trans Rights

In a statement shared with employees at a global all-hands meeting, Audible founder and Executive Chairman Don Katz shared our commitment to elevating marginalized voices and to supporting trans rights.

June 23, 2020