Our Newark Neighborhood

Audible collaborates with partners across the Newark community to help develop our Washington Park neighborhood into an innovation district and vibrant 24-7 streetscape while also working to preserve the neighborhood’s historic footprint.

As the fastest-growing private employer in the city, Audible’s expansion includes transforming a historic church into a state-of-the-art technology center. We rehabilitated an 80,000 square-foot church, preserving many of its historic elements–including its distinctive stained-glass windows, organ pipes and bowling alley.

A girl sits on an apartment building stoop listening to audible on her phone.
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We worked with the City of Newark to fund and lead the creation of Newark’s free public Wi-Fi network spanning Washington Park and Military Park. We are collaborating with Rutgers Newark and other civic and cultural institutions to drive Washington Park's transformation, creating a vibrant greenspace for the community. This includes the installation of a sensory media lab for summer 2019 and creating regularly scheduled programming for children and residents such as concerts, camps and classes.

Audible employees, as well as the hundreds of actors who record in Audible’s studios, commute to the company’s headquarters from New York City and all over New Jersey, taking advantage of Newark’s status as a transport hub.

Audible also provides employees tickets to NJPAC events, Prudential Center events including Devils games, Newark Museum of Art memberships, and subsidizes eating lunch in Newark restaurants to support established and developing businesses in the neighborhood.

The Innovation Cathedral is a proud landmark for Newark and a powerful symbol of Audible’s commitment to the city for more than a decade. [It] is proof that our efforts are yielding positive outcomes for business and invention culture, and for the comeback of this great American city. Doing the right thing is a responsibility all corporations must take seriously–and that companies anchored in cities like Newark have an obligation to lead.
Don KatzFounder and Executive Chairman, Audible
Two men work on computers at a table in a park in Newark with their headphones on. A carousel is behind them.
Enjoying the free Wi-Fi in downtown Newark.
Audible's new Innovation Cathedral--a large renovated church--is in the foreground with Audible two other headquarter buildings on a street in Newark behind it.
Audible's Innovation Cathedral.
A train pulling into the Newark Broad Street Station with a poster about Audible displayed on the platform.
Newark's Broad Street Station is only a few minutes walk from Audible's headquarters.