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We are not currently accepting any new applications. Please check back later.

We welcome your ideas! If you think Audible can help your organization achieve greater impact through our participation in a community engagement opportunity or through a grant, please let us know. Your idea must align with one of our core focuses, meet our eligibility criteria and take place in one of the cities where we operate around the globe. See below for more information.

To share your idea, please fill out and submit the appropriate form. We’ll get back to you shortly to let you know if the idea is a good fit.

Applicants Timeline

  1. Audible’s Global Center for Urban Development reviews applications on a rolling basis.

  2. Audible follows up within three weeks of application submission for more information or with a decision on the application.

  3. If an application is approved the Global Center works with the applicant on next steps including the grant dispersal process.

Core Focus

We create innovative solutions to advance equity, racial justice and economic empowerment in the cities we call home—by working with community stakeholders to bring our shared vision to life.

  • We incubate sustainable programs across Newark, with the goal of expanding them to other Audible cities where they can make an impact.

    Impact Programs
  • Don Katz, Audible’s founder, created a venture fund to grow early-stage companies in Newark to become the next dozen Audibles, creating jobs and opportunity for city residents.

    Newark Venture Partners
  • We work with local schools to give students opportunities to explore their interests, expand their talents and become the leaders of tomorrow.

    Future Leaders
  • Audible elevates emerging voices through our content, workshops and events. Our programs amplify stories across the spectrum of human experience.

    Amplify Voices
  • We collaborate with our communities to create thriving innovation districts while preserving neighborhoods’ historic footprints.

    Urban Innovation
  • Newark showed us that great strides begin with open ears. Our community-focused efforts always begin with listening before looking for ways to help create a positive impact.

    Community Engagement

Impact Cities

  • Newark, NJ
  • Cambridge, MA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • London, England
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Mumbai, India
  • Chennai, India
  • Singapore

Community Engagement

Our employees volunteer their time and skills, and we leverage our corporate resources and Audible catalog, to advance student achievement, talent development and economic empowerment globally. If you have a community engagement opportunity that you believe would benefit from Audible volunteers, we’re interested in connecting with you. This can include mentoring and workshops, skill-building and resume reviews, coding seminars, beautification projects, listening clubs and more. Longer-term opportunities or activations will be prioritized.

We are not currently accepting any new applications. Please check back later.

See some of the initiatives we’ve supported.

Grant Application

We will consider funding opportunities, ideas and collaborations with organizations and efforts aligned to the Global Center’s core mission, pillars, and strategic priorities. We also provide funding in moments of crisis, such as natural disasters.

In order to be eligible for funding, organizations must be classified as a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service, be a registered charitable organization within the country of operation or be a local government agency or public school. Applicant organizations must operate within Audible’s cities of operations and funds must be used for residents. No funds will be considered to organizations which discriminate on basis of race, creed, or gender, or whose primary purpose is to influence legislation or to participate in a political campaign.

We are not currently accepting any new applications. Please check back later.

See some of the initiatives we’ve supported.

Funding Guidelines

Audible will judge the merits of each application and the amount of funding based on alignment to each of Audible’s core pillars, available funding, current priorities, organization’s past experience and history and other tangible and intangible criteria. Audible reserves the right to be the sole decision-maker regarding funding of grants.

    • Amplifying and elevating underrepresented communities and voices
    • Equity and racial justice initiatives
    • Education—student and local talent development
    • Economic development initiatives—small business support, innovative streetscape improvements and public park renovations, pop-up events, efforts to attract and retain local businesses and increase foot traffic
    • Disasters and emergency relief efforts
    • Innovative programming
    • Direct support of individuals
    • Endowments
    • Religious organizations
    • Conferences, symposiums or workshops
    • Debt retirement or operational deficits
    • General operating expenses
    • Capital projects
    • Production of films or other media-related projects
    • Programs designed to influence legislation or elect candidates to public office

Legal Disclaimer

ELIGIBILITY Individuals must be 18 or over to be eligible to submit a project for consideration. Employees of Audible, Amazon, or any companies owned or operated by Audible or Amazon are not eligible to participate in the program.

TIMELINE Due to submission volume and time constraints, Audible will only consider one project submission at a time from each applicant and will not consider re-submissions unless significantly revised. The Global Center for Urban Development team evaluates submissions on a rolling basis, and applicants will be notified regarding the status of their submissions via email.

CONDITIONS: By submitting an application, applicant accepts and agrees to Amazon’s Privacy Notice and consents that Audible may use, process, store and share all information, including personal data, that applicant submits to Audible as part of the application for purposes of the application and execution of the project. In case applicant requests a summary of its data or a deletion of the data, please contact us at Audible reserves the right to be the sole decision-maker regarding funding of grants, and reserves the right to modify or cancel the submission process at any time. Grant winners will receive funding once all applicable documentation is completed and received by Audible.

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