Live Local

A man in a blazer carrying a small terrier with a red leash walks through a pet store in Newark.

As part of our commitment to supporting Newark’s economy, we want to draw the best talent to work here, but we also want to encourage them to be active members of the community.

Our Newark Now! “Live Local” Incentive Program provides all Audible employees living in Newark with a $500 a month subsidy toward their housing expenses.

The Live Local program has tripled the number of Audible employees living in Newark.

The “Live Local” program launched in 2017 and provided 20 employees–randomly selected by lottery–one year’s free rent in Newark’s Hahne Building residences. As the program has expanded and moved to a subsidy model, we provide incentives to every Audible employee living in Newark. This effort has tripled the number of Audible employees who call the city home.

A couple with their new baby sit on the staircase of their home in Newark.
Audible employees Monica and Mike Tirri in their home in Newark.