Hire Local

Two women shake hands in front a whiteboard in a conference room. One holds an Audible folder tucked under her arm.

Audible pursues the best talent, and that extends to talent from Newark. In addition to our long-term Newark intern program developing a homegrown talent pipeline, we actively recruit qualified people from the community and build a strong pool of local candidates through development workshops.

For example, our Customer Care community recruiting strategy invests in job seekers prior to interviews, helping to boost their job readiness through workshops on skills like effective communications, critical thinking, and time management, and preparing them for success in the hiring process through resume reviews and mock interviews. The result: one in four of Audible’s Customer Care employees were hired through community and workforce organizations including Newark Works, Covenant House, Veterans Administration, and Newark Public Schools. Helping candidates build the skills necessary for careers at both Audible and other Newark companies strengthens the city’s future as a center of tech innovation.

I never felt that there would be lucrative employment within Newark. Once I met with [the Audible] team they gave me the initiative, the boost in skills, that was necessary to go through this process. I value the commitment Audible has taken on within the community.
Denise Davis Customer Service Operations
Audible Customer Care employees seated at their desks. Several rows of cubicles extend from the front of the back to the room.
Our Customer Care recruiting strategy invests in Newark job seekers.