Audible’s High School Intern Program

Two coworkers collaborate while working on a laptop computer.

Our immersive high school internship program started in 2007, the year we moved to Newark. Paid student interns work side-by-side with Audible leaders across a range of departments and professions, gaining the valuable skills needed for lifelong careers and enriching our internal culture in the process.

Our interns are hired exclusively from Newark, which gives North Star Academy and Science Park High School students an opportunity to explore their professional business interests while familiarizing themselves with the challenges of the workplace. Interns attend seminars and “Lunch and Learn” sessions on a variety of topics relating to Audible, technology, and their future careers. They are also invited to company-wide events like our ongoing speaker series and, in some instances, have the opportunity to do short work stints in our locations outside of Newark.

Two colleagues look over the shoulder of a woman working on a laptop computer.
Sasha Barnes, a former intern, works in Audible's marketing department.

After graduation, students can become Audible Scholars and continue their internship during summers and holidays while pursuing a college degree. We also work to assist our Scholars in realizing their post-graduate aspirations, including wherever possible, joining us as Audible employees.

Working at Audible with my manager, Catherine, has been exciting and inspirational. Catherine allows me to gain insight into her legal education [as Senior Corporate Counsel] and evaluate the workforce from a perspective of the employee as the customer. She allows me to see the workplace from a new perspective.
Erin Hugginssenior at North Star Academy