Newark Venture Partners

A group of tech start up founders standing in front of the Newark Venture Partners logo.

In 2015, Audible Founder and CEO Don Katz founded Newark Venture Partners (NVP), a venture fund and accelerator that attracts early-stage companies to become the “next 100 Audibles” in Newark.

Hundreds of Audible employees volunteer to mentor tech start-up companies in NVP’s accelerator program, and NVP has already invested millions of dollars in over 60 Newark start-ups.

By catalyzing a tech ecosystem in Newark, NVP is helping transform the city into a hub for tech entrepreneurs, and its member companies are creating jobs and revenue for the city and its residents. The recasting of Newark as an ultra-bandwidth tech center will improve opportunity across the city and help elevate the entire community.

NVP is a venture capital fund and accelerator investing in bringing the tech ecosystem to Newark. NVP is also about equality, urban comeback and doubling down on education wins in places like Newark.
Don KatzFounder and CEO, Audible
Two founders on stage at Newark Venture Partners Demo Day showcasing their tech start-up in front of an audience.
NVP funded start-ups present their companies at Demo Day.
The founder of Team Mobot, a tech start-up, presenting her company with the logo on a screen behind her.
Team Mobot at NVP Demo Day.
Isa Watson, the founder of a tech startup, presenting a flowchart on a whiteboard.
Isa Watson of Envested, an NVP funded start-up.
Left: Team Mobot at NVP Demo Day. Right: Isa Watson of Envested, an NVP funded start-up.