Audible Cares

A close up of five people wearing Audible Cares t-shirts who are crossing arms and holding hands with a small girl who is smiling happily up at the camera.

Our customer obsession extends to our community as Audible strives to be part of the improvement of the lives of everyone around us. Hundreds of Audible employees participate in a wide range of community service programs each year.

Audible Cares projects include activities that promote literacy and STEM in Newark schools, helping beautify Newark’s green spaces, such as planting shrubs and trees in Branch Brook Park, joining Newark’s Covenant House Sleep Out to raise money and awareness for the homeless, and working with the Goodwill Rescue Mission to donate food and other items to the community.

Audible employees also participate in Reading Pals, Audible’s elementary school literacy program that aims to increase reading comprehension in younger Newark students, and Audible’s Operation Santa initiative, providing gifts to children in Newark during the holiday season.

Two women dig shovels into the ground by the base of a new tree they're planting in Newark's Branch Brook Park.
Audible volunteers in Branch Brook Park.
A man in a button down shirt sits at a table in a classroom surrounded by a few elementary school students who are raising their hands.
Employees reading with elementary school students.
A girl stands at a podium in one of Audible's studios speaking into a microphone. Her classmate stands behind her. An audio producer is in the background, arm raised, microphone on, listening in.
Students in the Reading Pals program test out their skills in the Audible studio.