Our Community Impact

At Audible, we seek to exemplify what a company can mean beyond what it does. We moved our headquarters to Newark in 2007 to become part of the city’s renaissance. As the city’s fastest-growing private employer, we recruit and cultivate local talent as well as drive forward a wide range of community initiatives with a focus on returning Newark to its roots as a hub of innovation. Our global offices embrace the same principle, and our employees around the world volunteer and serve in their communities in addition to seeding and growing the local creative economy.

Our world headquarters is in Newark by design. We decided to catalyze positive change in a city at a tipping point.
Don Katz
Founder and Executive Chairman, Audible
Newark Working Kitchens
Newark Working Kitchens

Newark Working Kitchens’ daily meal delivery service feeds Newark residents in need and first responders, while sustaining local restaurants and workers during Covid-19.

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A man in a blazer carrying a small terrier with a red leash walks through a pet store in Newark.
Live Local

To encourage employees to be firsthand participants in a great city’s transformation, we provide housing subsidies to employees who live in or move to Newark.

Two women shake hands in front a whiteboard in a conference room. One holds an Audible folder tucked under her arm.
Hire Local

We actively recruit underserved talent from Newark and grow careers through direct training.

Three Audible employees eat at the counter of a local Newark restaurant for Lunch Out Wednesday.
Buy Local

To increase revenue for the local retail economy, we subsidize employees to go out and explore our Newark restaurants and businesses.

A close up of five people wearing Audible Cares t-shirts who are crossing arms and holding hands with a small girl who is smiling happily up at the camera.
Audible Cares

More than a thousand Audible employees volunteer in community service initiatives each year.

A group of tech start up founders standing in front of the Newark Venture Partners logo.
Newark Venture Partners

Audible Founder and Executive Chairman Don Katz also founded a venture fund that works to attract early-stage companies to become the “next 100 Audibles” in Newark.

Our Newark Neighborhood

We collaborate across the Newark community to develop our Washington Park neighborhood into a thriving innovation district while also preserving its historic footprint.

Two Audible banners hang on a light pole in front of a large maroon building with Audible's logo on the side.
Beyond enriching and reinforcing their learning, we believe Audible can spur an immediate increase in students’ ability to read for pleasure, in more interesting ways and to a greater extent.
Newark's Mayor speaks at a glass podium in front of a Project Listen Up sign.
A large group of Newark students and Audible employees stand in front of a Project Listen Up sign holding bags full of tablets and headphones.