Thugs Cry

3 books in series
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Thugs Cry Publisher's Summary

Cam'ron and Raheem hail from the notorious Brick City in Newark, New Jersey. The two friends grew up eating noodles off of the same fork, now they are primed to eat off the drug game. From the Bricks to the ATL, niggas must bow down or get laid down. 

Cam'ron epitomizes the grimy streets of Newark. He's a supreme hustler with a vicious murder game. Cam'ron loves four things: his money, family, his homie, and his boo. Touch either one and you get served, Cam'ron warns the streets. Of course Newark niggas are the grimiest, so they don't take heed to Cam'ron's threat; they touch all of the above. 

Tamika, who is Cam'ron's boo, makes shit hotter when she sets out to show him that he's not the only hustler checkin' for her, and she does not have to condone his womanizing. When Tamika gets with a hustler who refuses to let her go back to Cam'ron, the consequences get catastrophic for somebody. 

Meanwhile, Raheem, who is the polar opposite from his man, is quietly putting his G down in the dirty south. When ATL thugs test Raheem's gun they find out that a quiet storm is the deadliest. Raheem is as gentle with his woman as he is proficient with his murder game. 

Kayundra, Raheem's shorty, has fallen into drug addiction, and it has her in a vise grip. Raheem's love for Kayundra never wavers. He helps her beat her addiction, and soon she's refocused on her dream of becoming an R and B diva. With Raheem's help Kayundra lands a recording deal, and almost overnight she becomes a star. But success comes at a price that threatens to shatter their love. 

Raheem and Cam'ron go hard for what they want, and they attain it, leaving a lot of bodies along the way. They make many mothers bury their sons and shed tears, but on the road to hood fame and riches they learn that sometimes the enemy strikes back and it's your turn to cry. When the blood and tears stop falling will what Cam'ron and Raheem gained be worth what they both lose?

©2012 Reginald Alexander (P)2019 Reginald Alexander
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