The Stone Realty Series

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The Stone Realty Series: Sweet Clean Billionaire Romance Publisher's summary

Love is blossoming at Stone Realty. This clean billionaire romance series follows three fun, lively love stories!

Listen to The Hardworking Billionaire, book 1 of The Stone Reality series today!

Izzy Talbot was not where she thought she would be.

When she was younger, “thirties” had felt so…settled. Before she’d been betrayed. But, that was then. She wouldn’t let herself be star-struck into foolishness. She wouldn’t let her dreams be shattered. Izzy would put her head down and do what she had to do until life became more than a struggle and allowed her to dream again.

Gabriel Stone was not good at many things. Mainly relationships. Passionless. The word seemed harsh. But it was an accurate description of his life. Nobody cared for him and he had no one to care for. And he was fine with that.

Until the day he meets his new assistant. Until he begins to see life through her passionate, but guarded, eyes. Until he finds himself wanting to show her that life will let her dream. If only he could dream beside her.

Listen to The Billionaire Party Boy, book 2 of The Stone Reality series today!

Cara Didion might be down on her luck, but her spirit is still as feisty as ever.

Who needs luck anyway when you’ve got determination? And she’s determined not to be stuck forever. She’ll write her masterpiece. But, in the meantime, she is fine writing quick articles for her best friend’s popular online celebrity gossip site.

Evan Stone is “the party boy billionaire.” That’s all he has ever been and all anyone expects of him. He knows he doesn't deserve love. He knows that!

At least that’s what he thought. Until one day when he runs into a quirky brunette who makes him wonder if he could experience love despite himself.

Listen to The Undercover Billionaire, book 3 of The Stone Reality series today!

Everyone's in love. Whatever. Victoria wasn’t one for love.

It wasn’t in her destiny. But she had herself. And, she would take care of herself just like she’d always had to! So she was going to take full advantage of her vacation at the ultra-luxurious Sand Escape Resort and snag a billionaire!

Solomon Ponti needed a break.

Running his family’s winery was running him down! After taking the CEO position a year ago, he had been working non-stop seven days a week. He longed for the days he had spent on the Italian fields with his grandparents. Working odd jobs with the resort staff was exactly what he needed to feel that sense of community he longed for.

But, when he gets there, Solomon can’t help his attraction to the beautiful guest...despite the fact that it seems she can’t stand him! Love sparks as Solomon gets to know Veronica and Veronica gets to know the ultra-wealthy Dexter Parquist…and tries to avoid the seemingly unavoidable Solomon.

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