The Stasis Stories

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A Pause in Space-Time: Publisher's Pack Publisher's Summary

Contains books one and two of The Stasis Stories.

A Pause in Space-Time, Book 1 

Kaem Seba is a sickly and financially destitute young man with extraordinary math skills. With the help of Arya Vaii, a business student, he has developed a theory and an electronic device that allows him to stop time within limited volumes of space-time. 

It quickly becomes obvious that, beyond the fact that time stops inside the stasis field, the volume of space-time in stasis might be useful for some of its other phenomenal properties. Unfortunately, the owner of the lab that tested the properties of their samples also recognizes their potential. His desire to share in their profits unhinges his shaky grasp on reality....

The Thunder of Engines, Book 2 

Kaem and Arya are trying to sell “stade”, a piece of space-time in stasis, for its phenomenal mechanical properties. 

Stronger than any known substance, it cannot not melt, burn, bend or break. It’s also a perfect insulator and reflects all radiation. Essentially, it can’t be altered; time is stopped within it. Kaem and Arya are struggling to negotiate the best prices they can while simultaneously fighting another company’s bid to pre-empt their patent. As if those struggles weren’t sufficient, Kaem’s beloved father develops cancer. He must try to help his family through that crisis while simultaneously attempting to save the company.

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