The Quotis Gene

2 books in series
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The Unknown Publisher's Summary

Six novice space Travelers, Adam 23 a computer nerd that hates to fly, Willow 22 a genius professor wanna be astronaut, Jake 26, a black Army officer from Afghanistan, who was going to blow his head off with a bullet, Sarah 22 a divorce mother and waitress, Aaron 22, who has been a coma for 10 years, Tobe a AI voice in Willow and Adams head is more of a comedian, than he is help. These are the people who make up the Quotis. All are connected by an ancient gene, that they inherited from an alien race that colonize Earth thousands of years ago.

On Earth Steve Nash lays wounded on his oil Platform, where he has started building the world’s first Space Elevator. He has hidden its existence from the world until now, telling the everyone he was putting mirrors into space. The story is splashed across the internet and on the world TVs. Max 20 a soldier of fortune, has shielded the wounded Nash from death and Casey 19 a practical nurse who saves Nash’s life are now part of this continuing story. What happens now, is anyone guess. But one thing that’s for sure, it’s exciting, believable, and fun.

The Quotis has traveled to a new world, to seek out the secrets of the gene they all carried. Leaving Earth, they left Steve Nash to build the elevator and the End Point Station. When they arrive on Lomar, there are a few surprises, that await them. The inhabitants of Lomar call themselves Raken. They don’t know who know who they are. Their minds and all their planets history had been erased by a race called the Baja. Even bigger surprises still awaited them. One which would lead them into a city of ice, buried for thousands of years. Once there a new mystery would send them even deeper and farther away from Earth. They go to the planet Namos, to meet the possible beginnings of humanity. Before they can return to Earth. They learn of a new threat, which send’s the Quotis even farther away from their home world. During their time traveling together, they learn who and what they are.

On Earth someone has tried killing Nash. He would face the possible takeover of the Platform and End Point Station. The powers of China, Russia, and the United States, now realized the center of future space exploration was in Nash’s hands. No longer would rockets take men into space. That would be done from the Platform that was now in his possession. Nash would appoint a body of nations to decide its future. He wants the Platform to service the world, not just a few powerful countries.

The US Navy has surrounded it and is now providing the security Nash needs. He has assured the US it will have certain priorities for its future space program. But the president has other ideas. Believing the US can’t risk sharing the Platform with anyone.

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