The Mejuarian

3 books in series
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The Four: Destruction of Honor Publisher's Summary

A masterful race of magic users called Ecrutians once lived on Earth. They held a divine eminence over humans, using them as pawns in a game of chess.

As the old ways were no longer accepted by most, the Ecrutians grew soft and lackadaisical and allowed attitudes of pride and self-importance to consume them. A lust for power overtook many with aggressive natures for destruction and harm to others.

Rebellious Ecrutians created long-distance teleportation enchantments, and this once-peaceful race of spellcasters began to explore other planets in search of others to dominate with their magic. Thie, one of the most powerful Ecrutians, had natural abilities that gave the creation of life. His staff of gnarled, twisted wood infused with magical enchantments, too, held terrible spells.

To maintain order and preserve Ecrutian life, Thie decides to join with three other powerful magic users to form one fearsome magical force so their lands might be saved. He chose Lotus, Os, and Irenia, three supernatural beings that couldn't have been any more different from himself.

The four unite into one being named Thire-los. Joined power directed through Thie's staff is unstoppable. All Ecrutians live under their rule or suffer the consequences. Under their leadership as Thire-los, the kingdom's order is soon restored. However, restlessness consumed the great entity, and the four began to fight within.

No longer can Os live under such scrutiny by Thie, and he is cast out by the sorcerer and banished to Earth to live out his life as a meager human. Without the four, order quickly returns to chaos. Irenia watches nature turn to decay, while Lotus suffers heartbreak at the loss of Os, her true love.

As all Ercutis falls to ruin and despair, Irenia and Lotus hatch a plan to reunite Thie-los. 

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