Oakenfall Chronicles

4 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 13 ratings

Dragon's Blight Publisher's Summary

Above Oakenfall, fireworks light the night sky celebrating one hundred years, since the end of the vicious war that lasted for generations. Against all odds, Oakenfall had managed to free themselves from their dragon overlords. However, with the dragons gone, a band of barbarians unite in the north and seize control of Oakenfall’s sister city, Northholm. As the invading army marches south, the King is running out of options and turns to Darcy Dean, the son of a great war hero. But Darcy is more used to bookkeeping than holding a sword. Will he live up to be half the man his father was and step forward as the saviour of the city he calls home? 

Within the castle of Oakenfall whispers fill the throne room. There is talk of consorting with demons, an ancient relic of untold power, and the return of the scaled beasts of old. Darcy has no clue of the hardships about to befall him and the fellowship he is forced to gather. 

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