My Fake Fiance

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My Fake Fiance Duo Publisher's summary

My life hasn’t been easy for the past two years, not since the day that rich jerk Edward Speare sat at my bar and got us embroiled in a scandal. 

Some people think they can get away with anything just because they’re loaded, but if they try to get rough with me, they are gonna get my kickboxing-trained foot up their you-know-where. 

Esta bien? 

So the last thing I expected between sweeping the floors and dealing with the drunken regulars at my new low-paying gig (the only place around that would hire me), was a PI showing up looking for me....

Apparently, my grandfather, whom my mother had never even spoken of when she was alive, was completely loaded. 

Go figure. 

And what's more, I was in line to inherit billions.

Billions, yup that’s, with a "B".... 

My grandfather’s one condition? 

I have to marry a man that he approves of for at least a year. 

Que the endless interviews with rich dbags. 

Que the mansplaining that my job as a wife will be to look pretty and gossip. 

But you’ll never guess who the eligible suitor is that needs my help....

Karma is a funny thing, isn’t it? 

Maybe, Edward Speare is not the monster I once thought he was....

They say there’s a fine line between love and hate. 

But I never expected it to go this far. 

This steamy two-book duo contains two fake fiancé romances with enemies discovering an unexpected attraction, an unexpected pregnancy, a surprise inheritance, and two happily ever afters.

My Fake Fiance Duo includes:

  • Book one: Do What It Takes
  • Book two: A Change of Heart
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