Mixed Martial Cultivator

4 books in series
4 out of 5 stars 741 ratings

Mixed Martial Cultivator Series Complete Box Set Publisher's Summary

Mixed Martial Arts + Cultivation + Monster Girls = Oh, my! 

All three books included!

John LeBrock is the greatest MMA fighter on Earth. He takes on all opponents and destroys them with ease. He is rich, good-looking, and oozes charisma. He wants for nothing, and life is good. John will soon find out that a seemingly perfect life can change in the blink of an eye. 

The MMA world champion will be given the opportunity to travel through a cosmic doorway that leads to the other side of the universe to a strange but beautiful world called Azura. In Azura, all things are possible, and he has the potential to gain unlimited power. This new fantasy world is desperate for his help!

Will he decide to go? Does he really have a choice? 

This Cultivation LitRPG includes intimate scenes that are described in great detail (not fade to black), graphic violence, profanity, and smokin' hot women (including monster girls) who are all in a relationship with one lucky man. So, if you don't like these wonderful things, this isn't the book for you! Otherwise, you are in for a wild ride!

©2021 Austin Beck (P)2022 Royal Guard Publishing
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