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How to Find Health: The Origin of Nutrition and Vital Functions Publisher's summary

How much your health is worth for you? Vegan diet, fruitarian diet, vegetarian diet, macrobiotic, ketogenic, physiological nutrition, etc. - which one to choose? In this book, you will finally find out the very close relationship between food and health. 

“Unfortunately (or fortunately!) I'm not a doctor, but this is perhaps good because my approach to the relationship between food and health is not biased by prejudices. The "How to Find Health" series is a job that required more than four years of research, in addition to my personal experience. Although not written by doctors, these books take up dozens of scientific studies, they are not books of fantasy but a concentration of scientific realities. Realities that are deliberately kept hidden for economic reasons. Few people in the world have truly understood the vital relationship between food and disease, the majority still believe that health is a state of luck and that illness is bad luck.

The truth is that almost nobody believes or wants to believe that everything depends on the type of food we decide to eat. If you are looking for a "Diets book", you probably want to lose weight, or you have heard that maybe you could also solve your health problems by choosing the right diet. The point is that it is not a matter of choosing a diet, one of the hundreds of diets that someone has publicized as miraculous, and then lost in time, leaving nothing good to those who have tried to follow. The point is that you should not look for a "diet" at random, you need to know the fundamentals: what and how the human being must feed on? It is not a question of fashion but of physiological nutrition. 

Physiological nutrition (or natural food as it is called in these texts) is the only real scientific point from which to start. Today is your lucky day! You are reading these lines because you are looking for something. Nothing happens by chance. Today you have the opportunity to finally discover what foods you should feed on your body to live long in full shape, with more energy, mental clarity, and much more. I have made my choice for over eight years, the natural diet has changed my life, and I would not go back. Now it's your turn. How much your health is worth for you? Ten, 100 thousand dollars, maybe more than 1 million, or even more than 10 million, it is not so? Surely more than the cost of this book and the time you spend listening to it, sure! Of course because health is everything and it can only be obtained with the right diet. 

After listening to the "How to Find Health" series, you will thank me, as I thank the person who introduced me to these topics years ago. You will thank me, as thousands of people have already thanked me. Maybe you will not immediately apply everything you will learn in the book, but surely your life will change because after listening to the text, you will finally know what to do and how to do it. Do not wait, listen to this book now, now. Minutes, seconds, days, and years flow...and in a few years you may regret not having decided to listen to it today. Enjoy!" - Diego Pagani

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