Honey Creek Den

5 books in series
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War's Mate Publisher's Summary

Growing up in a coven with only one other shifter around doesn’t allow Arik much of an opportunity to find his mate, and he doesn’t know when or where he’ll find him. When dreams about his mate start interrupting his sleep, he’s content to wait for them to find each other. That is, until he dreams that his mate is in danger. 

Alpha War has all but given up on ever finding his true mate. He’s looked for centuries, but so far, no luck. Then when his den starts being attacked by the local coven, all thoughts of finding his mate leave his mind. He only wants to protect his den members like any alpha would. 

When an altercation with the coven turns deadly, the last thing War expects is for his mate to appear out of thin air, literally. Arik knew his mate was in trouble, so he got his twin to teleport the two of them to the place he’d been dreaming about.

War is happy to have found his mate, but can he accept a union with another coven? He already has enough witch problems; will a coven of warlocks be any different? But can he really say no to his fated mate? Is Arik willing to leave his peaceful coven for a den full of chaos?

With problems lurking, babies coming, and warlocks “poofing” in and out at odd times, will War and Arik ever find time alone for sexy times?

War’s Mate book one in the Honey Creek Den Series. Each book contains a fated mate pair, mpreg, lots and lots of knotting during "growly" sexy times, babies, no cheating, and a HEA.

These bears will do anything their mates ask, just listen and see. The Honey Creek Den Series is meant to be enjoyed in order even though each audiobook focuses on a different couple. This audiobook is intended for adults only as these shifters tend to get "growly" and don’t watch their language.

©2018 Taylor Rylan (P)2019 Taylor Rylan
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