Feud Trilogy

4 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 79 ratings

The Feud Trilogy Publisher's Summary

Trained to kill. Trapped in a bloody rivalry. Can one super teen destroy an ancient rule before evil consumes his family? All three books in one collection with over 31 hours of an edge-of-your-seat quest rich with mayhem, magic, and murder.

Sixteen-year-old Neil Vapros craves his father’s approval. But, when he’s asked to assassinate a rival patriarch despite his underdeveloped powers, he fears his only remaining parent doesn’t care if he lives or dies. And, after the hit goes catastrophically wrong, and the savage feud between families infuriates the emperor, the young hero discovers everyone he loves is at risk.

Fighting to inspire a revolution and unite the dying dynasties, Neil is terrified by a prophecy naming him as savior. But, as he battles ruthless assassins, breaks free of imperial imprisonment, and suffers shocking betrayals, the teen champion despairs he’s not enough to protect his people. Can Neil tear down tyranny before it destroys freedom forever?

This collection contains the first three books of the epic Feud YA fantasy series. If you like supernatural wars, tenacious teenagers, and devastating destinies, then you’ll love Kyle Prue’s riveting boxed set edition. Buy this audiobook collection to unleash an uprising today!

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