Dragon Fires Rising

4 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 180 ratings

Dragon Fires Rising: Books 1-3 Publisher's Summary

Who will save the Dragon from the Princess?

Blitz is meant to be a rampaging Devastator Dragon. Unfortunately, lighting his own hearth fire isn't really a strength. When he accidentally kidnaps the black Princess Azania, the most beautiful woman in all the realms, riches, honor, and undeniable glory beckon.

Never mind that every knight errant, prince, and scoundrel in the land now wants his head on a platter. Minor details.

Far worse, she's a woman with actual ideas and the nerve to decide she doesn't want to be rescued. What she'd rather do is reform her Dragon. Her Dragon! Gnarr

With humor, unconventional flair and the odd stomp of a diminutive slipper, the mismatched pair set out to turn the kingdoms on their heads.

Beware. Fate hath no fury like a Dragon-riding Princess scorned.

Gold Award for best SciFi/Fantasy book of 2021 - Independent Publisher

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