Cat in the Stacks Mysteries

15 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 4,802 ratings


Librarian Charlie Harris and his very smart cat, Diesel, investigate deadly crimes in small-town Mississippi in these well-plotted, purr-fectly cozy mysteries. 

It’s a pleasure to meet gentile librarian Charlie Harris of Athena, Mississippi, and his faithful Maine Coon cat, Diesel. Amidst the prevalent Southern charm and hospitality, the pair are frequently called upon to investigate baffling murders. In these clever and suspenseful mysteries, the two amateur sleuths paw around for clues into the deaths of a rare book collector, a sharp-tongued playwright, a brash Yankee library bureaucrat, and many other unfortunate victims. As Charlie and Diesel track down suspects, work to clear the names of the innocent, and avoid becoming prey to killers, this cozy series keeps the surprises coming—with plenty of humor and references to delight book and cat lovers along the way.

Erin Bennett inhabits gentlemanly, warm, witty, librarian Charlie Harris. The gifted narrator also shines when she shares “conversations” between Charlie and his endearing and exceptionally astute cat, Diesel. Listeners will enjoy hearing Bennett’s spirited descriptions of the unusual bookish crimes that Charlie and Diesel can’t seem to avoid. Listener comment: “When I started the first book, I thought it was strange for a female to be narrating a book with a male primary character, but she does an excellent job with all the voices, and I would now have trouble listening to anyone else narrating.”

A native Mississippian, author Miranda James has been a mystery lover since discovering Nancy Drew at the age of 10. Around age 12 or 13, she wrote her first mystery, submitted it to a publisher, and promptly received a form rejection letter. She finally recovered from that rejection while in graduate school and has since written and successfully published scores of mysteries. In her day-to-day life, James is a librarian like Charlie (except her specialty is medical libraries) and takes care of her two spoiled cats (neither of whom is a Maine Coon).

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