Between Us

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The Time Between Us: A Second Chance Protector Romance Publisher's Summary


There are two things in this world I know to be true: I have terrible taste in men, and all alphas are jerks. Also, there tends to be a lot of overlap there.

You’d think my own pack kicking me out would’ve been a clue to stay away from alphas. Omegas are rare. We’re smaller, weaker, can’t usually get pregnant...all valid reasons for disowning your own family, right? Like I said. Jerks.

But it only took one night for stupidly handsome Troy Miyu to make me forget all the reasons I should’ve known better. One night to start falling for him, to realize it wasn’t just amazing chemistry we shared, but a true mate bond.

One night for him to leave me pregnant and alone. To make me swear off ever trusting an alpha again. Let alone him.

But now he’s back, and resisting my every attempt to keep him away from me - and the daughter I’m trying to hide. Alphas took my pack from me once, I’m not going to let one take my child, too. Even if he’s saying the words I would’ve given anything to hear once upon a time...that fairy tale’s over. It’s not about what I want anymore, its about what’s best for my daughter.

Then she starts showing signs of being an alpha herself. Needing things only her alpha father can give her. 

And I have to it really her I’m trying to protect here?


All my life, my parents have criticized me for not being responsible enough. I always told myself they’re wrong...but its a little harder to deny when coming from the man I left behind.

I wish I knew why I freaked out and ran years ago. Most people go their whole lives without finding their true mate. It should have been a blessing. But I was young and immature. So obsessed with being my own man, with refusing to let other people define me. Label me.

Even when all they wanted to label me was lover. Mate. Partner.

Now I’m trying my best to fix my greatest mistake, but he’s as stubborn as I am. And with good reason. I know I hurt him. I’d give anything to take it back.

But all I can do is move forward, and this time, I’m not going anywhere unless he’s coming with me.

This 50,000 word novel about true mates, mpreg, and second chances has a bumpy road on the way to that HEA, but if you’re eighteen years of age and older, come along for the ride!

©2018 Shehan Peiris (P)2018 Shehan Peiris
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