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The Bloodwin Code: Episode 1 Publisher's Summary

The Bloodwin Code: Episode 1 by Angela Brownemiller....

Who is writing this playbook for us? Who are we? Do we really know?

Where do we draw the line between sanity and obsession? Between love and madness? 

Who here can we trust? Ourselves? With our bodies, with our minds?

Do romance and sex have the same meaning anymore? 

Be careful who you fall in love with.

Are there clones among us? Are we dealing with life forms we have no way to know are here?

Is this obsession or invention? Is this right? Is this wrong? Does anyone anywhere know anymore?

This is the opening volume in a riveting and disturbing, confusing, and revealing story of sexual and scientific intrigue, a romantic psychological sci fi thriller, a tale of biotechnology gone wild, or running awry, or perhaps doing exactly as it should be doing, waking us up to its true nature: Global conditions are reaching into all our lives, and into our hearts and minds, even our bedrooms. Even those investors and inventors most directly responsible for all this out of control situation are being hit. 

Here in Episode 1: Even love and sex are no longer what we thought these were. Listen to this addicting story. See if you can ever love again.

Just ask Dr. Angela. Look for author Dr. Angela Brownemiller on Amazon and at

This book is Episode 1 of The Bloodwin Code. The Bloodwin Code and its episodes form Volume One in the Bloodwin Chronicles Collection. In this exciting and unnerving story of people lost in the wave and pressure of global change, we are all affected on all levels: love, sex, business, beliefs, you name it. All these things, and even all of us, are up for grabs. This is the saga of a world upended by a new reality we have never imagined. All levels of ourselves, our love lives, our work lives, our identities, are up for grabs now. 

Hang on, fasten your seat belts, and yes maybe even pray. 

Just ask Dr. Angela. Look for author Dr. Angela Brownemiller on Amazon and at

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