Ascend to Greatness

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5 Steps to the Path of Power: Ascend to Greatness, Book 1 Publisher's Summary

This is the first book in a series of power books, which will be your handbook to guide you on the path of power. Do you want to get ahead? Do you deserve more out of life? Do not let anyone walk all over you. Be the predator. If you are not the hunter, you will fall prey to others and be the victim of circumstance: hunted. Learn how to use the art of deception. Understand how and why people act as they do. Take the power that is rightfully yours for the taking.

Grip your destiny in your hands. Understand your competition and always be two steps ahead of your enemies. Understand how the world truly revolves around you. Learn what tactics and strategies to put into place to gain power over others and take control of your life. Empower yourself with the knowledge of what is never openly acknowledged yet holds immense value.

Exposed in this audiobook is how to dominate and act accordingly to get what you want out of life. If you want to exploit the most you can out if life, then you are in the right place. Learn how to use your “mask” of superiority and act appropriately to attain more power. Understand how to suppress your emotions and control your impulses.

A guide to unspoken truth which helps you understand the realms of deception. Strengthen your power with duplicity and unfurl the power of circle talk. Know what stance to take and when to omit the details. If power is what you seek, then you must take this journey. Open your mind to the possibilities that surround you. Power is not given freely. Take what is rightfully yours.

Step #1: Practice your "mask" of superiority.

As humans, we naturally find ourselves surrounded and engulfed by a façade of dual realities. On one hand, we are taught throughout childhood how to become good people with a moral compass to help direct us through life; however, this will not make you successful in the real world. In the world we live in, you must wear different masks to get ahead.

We as people must realize that we are social animals. As humans, we are the only animal that has the extensive social abilities to work together in massive groups and thrive. We must also realize that....

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