A Linda Wallheim Mystery

5 books in series
4 out of 5 stars 255 ratings


Linda Wallheim, the wife of a Mormon bishop, grapples with questions about the church while solving compelling mysteries - in a series inspired by actual crimes and written by a practicing Mormon.

As the wife of a Mormon bishop in the heart of Utah, Linda Wallheim’s days are filled with comforting and counseling families within her community, in addition to still watching over her five grown sons. Though devoted to her faith, she often wrestles with the church’s patriarchal structure and secrecy. Her questioning intensifies when she’s confronted with unsettling mysteries. Author Mette Ivie Harrison draws on real-life crimes and her insider knowledge of the church in a gripping series that opens a window into Mormon doctrine and culture. In successive novels, Wallheim delves into the suspicious disappearance of a young mother (who, she’s convinced, was killed by her husband), the murder of a church counselor who was secretly transgender, inklings of abuse and a disturbing death within a polygamous Fundamentalist family, and the tragic death of an undocumented immigrant. She also worries about her openly gay youngest son and alternately challenges and reassures her husband.

Kirsten Potter deftly portrays a strong, intelligent, outspoken woman of faith and doubts. The Earphones Award-winning narrator breathes life into Linda Wallheim, keeping listeners engaged and caring as she follows her hunches, tracks down evidence, and questions church officials and practices. “Potter is pitch-perfect with this series,” one listener raves.

An active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mette Ivie Harrison is the mother of five children and the author of seven young adult novels in addition to her Linda Wallheim mysteries. She holds a PhD in Germanic Languages and Literature from Princeton University and has completed four full Ironman competitions. Along with fiction, she writes essays and blogs on physical fitness, mental health, and questions about doctrines of the Mormon Church regarding family and women.

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