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Anthony Mancini, Chicago's Italian kingpin, has no choice but to bring in outside help to train his niece, Valentina Russo, who is hell-bent on exacting her revenge on the Irish mob that had her abducted and abused her four months ago. Mancini hires two assassins to do the job. Gordon Wellington is a hands-on, up-close, silent killer. Craig Barlow prefers the distance, allowing poisons to take out his marks.

Years of beating each other to take out the same marks has built an unrivaled hatred between them. Hatred or not, now they have the same contract: Train Valentina Russo. Working together was never part of their plan. Neither was a relationship.

This audiobook contains M/M sexual situations and is intended for listeners of legal age in the country in which they reside. Please store your adult literature responsibly. This is the second book of the series called Those Who Dare. It has 73,893 words, enemies to loves, and a HEA.

©2018 Wench Publishing, Inc. (P)2019 Wench Publishing, Inc.

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