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  • The Vault is a representation of your locked potential and all about unlocking your success. I am interviewing influencers and successful people from all over the world. They share their best tips to level up your mindset mastery, energy, sales, marketing, and thriving in business. Growth is our game and success our aim. Crack your code and take the action towards your next level of success in Business and in Life. I am Sonja Martinovic, mindset mastery, and online business coach. After a 15+ year successful career as an International Sales Manager, Certified Coach, and Trainer of the Sales Academy in Corporate. My life story led me to the decision to follow my Intuition in the highest form and build an impactful influencer’s business. I am obsessed with the alchemy of true transformation. I am on a mission to help (aspiring) entrepreneurs remove limitations and mindset blocks towards growing a successful influencer’s business and have a ripple effect on the quality of people’s lives. It’s time to find the combination of what is holding you back and crack the Vault. #levelup every Tuesday @5pm ET Please Subscribe, like, and comment if you found value and help us share the message. #unlocked #levelup #divedeeper
    2021 The Vault with Sonja Martinovic
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  • Jun 22 2022

    What's in this episode:

    (02:09) Jerome Myers bio: how did it come to him leaving corporate America?
    (06:29) What is the biggest thing to overcome in order to start a business?
    (09:39) How to find, fund and fix real-estate properties? The Jerome Method for passive income
    (11:36)  The goals of leadership coaching: people over profits, being profitable and not being evil
    (14:07) Lack of certainty in leadership is an elephant in the corporate room 
    (15:25) How can leaders create intrinsic motivation in their teams? Applying open-ended questions 
    (17:19) What are some practical tips for productivity? Using calendars CORRECTLY. 
    (21:10) Balance and burnout: how to avoid going over-board as a entrepreneur?
    (23:50) People burn out because they lose track of their priorities


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  • Jun 7 2022

    What's in this episode:

    06:25 The three key things to high achievement: balancing masculine and feminine energy,

    the spirituality of money and changing your subconscious beliefs

    07:44 How to connect yourself to unlimited supply.  

    - Money is a channel, it's not your source. Your source is God

    09:23 How to do the necessary inner work to achieve success

    - Your beliefs are DECISIONS. They are not absolute and can be changed.  

    11:12 How to decide which projects to move forward and which ones to cancel?

    - The importance of making decisions quick and not second-guessing

    13:42 How to improve your decision-making by tepping into both masculine AND feminine energy

    19:12 The practice of achieving success without the STRUGGLE

    - You have to have a very specific FOCUS  

    - You have to develop wealth consciousness  

    - You have to change your subconscious beliefs. Your reality reflects your subconscious.

    22:29 How to create reality on your own terms (as a woman) Client case study

    25:51 Conscious Creation the Feminine Way  

    27:26 Closing thoughts & further resources


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    Prosperity Guide--52 ways to let go of doubt and overwhelm and live a life without struggle http://prosperityapproach.com/52ways

    Join Allyson’s free LIVE online workshops at


    Listen to Allyson's podcast, The Prosperity Approach, at

    To learn more about Allyson visit allysonchavez.com


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  • May 17 2022


    What's in this episode:

    (02:46) Turning dire circumstances into success 
    (06:23) Natasha’s advice for anybody who wants to start an event planning business 
    - The importance of grit, resilience and perseverance. Defying the status quo
    - Systems and processes are crucial for entrepreneurship. Avoid at your own peril
    - The challenges of hiring and people and what to look out for when you decide to do it
    (09:43) Best steps for CEOs for interviewing and on-boarding people to your business 
    - How to be very clear about your business vision and core values
    (11:05) The CEO has to live, breathe and sleep their company vision in both personal and professional life
    - As a CEO, how to think outside of your ego and outside of your experience
    (13:13) Success story of Natasha scaling her business
    (16:18) The best business shortcut is simply to DO THE WORK. 
    - Every level has a new devil. Procrastination and impostor syndrome haunt people at all levels
    (19:17) What are some ways for a growing business to create digital ease and efficiency? 
    (20:34) Many businesses suffered during the pandemic. What bottlenecks to remove to improve results?
    (22:40) Clients success stories from Google, Apple, LinkedIn
    (24:52) What is the #1 core value for Natasha? Perfection is unachievable, excellence is not
    (26:31) Raise your prices until your clients start to push back
    (28:04) How to conquer impostor syndrome even when you achieve great external success 
    (30:37) Closing thoughts and further resources

    Connect with  Natasha Miller

    Relentless: Homeless Teen to Achieving the Entrepreneur Dream



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    Website: https://linktr.ee/sonjamartinovic

    Email: sonja@pursueyourtrueself.com

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