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The Secrets of Forgiveness: How to Forgive the Unforgivable

Length: 4 hrs and 35 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Note from the author: I genuinely think this book will help you forgive. We all go through traumas that are unique to ourselves, from child abuse, to being cheating on or being heartbroken from the loss of a loved one. The pain is still real. Everyone has different coping mechanisms, so your pain might seem trivial to the ones around you, but you are the only one that knows how much it really hurts. No one should judge you or compare the pain, as the pain is unique as you are. This book will simply blow your mind, no ifs or buts. We put our money where our mouth is.

So who is this book actually for?

  • Anyone that wants to forgive.
  • Anyone that wants to understand their lives.
  • Anyone that wants to improve their lives.

But more importantly it will help you understand any one that needs the above. The unique approach allows a modern understanding of the secrets of forgiveness and why they are so important.

Created from a first person point of view, it tracks the conversation the writer has with a greater power to understand why he got abused as a child and why it is so important to forgive. His personal struggle demonstrates the difficulty of forgiveness.

Here are some of the important parts of the book.

On the topic of sin: Sin is doing all the things we dream of doing, but we are too scared of doing because we don’t want to go to hell.

Yes, if you “sin” you will end up in hell, so I give you the option of free will to do what you want to do, and then slap you for doing it.

Was that sarcasm?

Yes, it was. I am the creator of light and the bringer of love. Does punishing you for free will sound loving to you? Let's just rearrange how you think about sin. At the time of the sin you enjoy the sin, then you feel guilty about the sin.

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