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Publisher's Summary

All conversations start small. In most cases, it starts with a simple greeting, and sometimes ends with one, too. The greeting part is easy though - the challenge is in how to make small talks end big. Making your conversation grow can help you a lot in your business, relationships, and work. It can also create new friendships and create opportunities to advance in your job. Some say, you need to have a lot of charisma to make small talk grow into memorable conversations. If you do not have it, your conversation is probably going to fall flat. That is completely false. Charisma only helps you converse easily with other people. It is only the sugar coating. What makes the conversation grow is your ability to input substance into the topic. You can do this by stocking up on knowledge, listening, using body language appropriately, and developing your coping ability.

This book will teach you the proven steps and strategies to make your conversation grow, deal with the different kinds of conversationalists, and end your conversation while leaving the other party interested in talking to you again.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

  • Conversation as an art and skill
  • Starting conversations
  • Joining a conversation
  • Holding conversations
  • Knowing and dealing with the different kinds of conversationalists
  • Ending conversation

Download this book and invest in yourself!

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