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The all-new novel in the number-one best-selling Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series.

The triumvirate created by master vampire Jean-Claude, necromancer Anita Blake, and werewolf Richard Zeeman has made Jean-Claude one of the most powerful vampires in the U.S. He's consolidating power in himself and those loyal to him, doing in America what Belle Morte did in Europe when she was at her height of power. She almost owned Europe, and there was those who are determined that Jean-Claude won't do the same in America. Jean-Claude's motives may be kinder, but as any lawyer will tell you: motives matter, but you're just as dead. Assassins are coming to St. Louis to kill them all. Anita knows they're coming, but even being forewarned doesn't mean you can win.

©2010 Laurell K. Hamilton (P)2010 Penguin

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  • Leslie
  • Hillsborough, NC, United States
  • 06-03-10

For Adult Ears Only

First, I would like to say how glad I was to find that Kimberly Alexis, is once again the narrator. Her take on Jean-Claude's french accent is perfect. She makes the story much more enjoyable. She IS the voice of Anita Blake, in my opinion.

Having said that, now I would like to comment on the story. What there was of a plot, was over shadowed by the very explict sex scenes. One after another. I think it is safe to say that, "Bullet" contains the most graphic sexual content, of any of the prior "Anita Blake" books.
So, if you are not comfortable with M/M, BDSM, F/F or group sex, then you will find this book, well..... more than alittle upsetting.

WARNING: These books are addicting. There is something about the whole, OMGosh, they didn't just do that, "SHOCK FACTOR", that keeps readers, like me, buying book after book.

FYI: The Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series is written for adults only.

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  • Overall

No More...

This story is missing basic editing ans well as a plot. I've been a fan of the series but this is the last book for me. Bullet is one of the worst books I've ever read. When the heroine refers to her breasts as "Mounds of creamy goodness" and makes a post orgy declaration that she is "wearing more samples than a CSI episode" it is time to say good bye.

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  • Overall

Needs more story and less sex

The story has gotten side tracked with too much of a good thing. It is like there were two writers for Anita. The writer that writes the action and one that writes the sex scenes. The writer of the action has taken a long vacation. I hope that one comes back.

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  • Overall
  • Harvest, AL, United States
  • 06-22-10

Starting to dislike this series .

I really love the first several books in the series. I female detective like story with plot and paranormal activity, very interesting to read. Very likeable main characters and good crime stories. Then they turned into romance novels where Anita just whines about the men in her life. I love good sex scenes, its okay for the book to be full of sex also; but the whining about relationships gets real old real fast when that becomes the focus of the story intead of the crime plots that started the series. It seems to me that instead of coming up with actual plot that new and more perverse sex scenes are added to shock the reader--I do love the sex scenes but I read books for plot and entertainment. I love the Skin Trade book, was hoping the books would get back to that style. Not the trashy romance novel it has become. Anita was one of the first female detective characters that I have read, along with the science fiction/horror/mystery genre it created. It was a great series for awhile, I am sick and tired of Anita whining about the men in her life instead of hearing about her work as a detective/necromancer. I am actually rooting for Richard's death, along with every other man in Anita's life.

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  • Overall
  • Lynch
  • Kentwood, MI, United States
  • 02-21-11


I am so disappointed in this book. I don't mind the sex scenes but they are so long and drawn out that I actually fast forwarded through 7 chapters of this book. Not only is it that Anita is so weak it makes me a bit sick but has she really lived as Jean Claude's human servant all these years and yet she is still arguing over what she will wear, who she will have sex with, and who she will kill?

If you used to like Anita Blake and have been disappointed with some of the past few books you will be sorely ticked if you buy this one. Save your money and start reading the Dresden Files. Not only are they way better with a genunine character - the reader doesn't make you want to claw your own eyes out!

9 of 10 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Very disappointing

For the price of this book and how short it was this was very disappointing. Laurell Hamilton is a much better writer then this, in a way im glad i bought it here instead of the book due to the fact that I love to read. I think that this is one of Hamilton's worst books that she has written. At the end I was expecting something and I kept checking to see if I missed a download cause it just ends. For some reason its more important to talk about the "deeds" they do together instead of the bad guys that are around them. I will always read/listen to her books but I have to say this was a waste of money and time. :(

9 of 10 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Plot, we don't need no stinking plot!!

All the reviews have been pretty right on about the two major points,no plot and all sex.
I remember a time when the Anita Blake books had an actual plot, and the sex scenes were there to enhance the story. In the last couple of books, the plot is pretty much gone and in it's place is chapter after chapter of sex scenes. I remember the golden years of Hamilton developing an interesting paranormal plot, complete with diverse characters, and interesting subplots. Apparently those days are over. In it's place are essentially Letters to Playgirl.
Any time Anita has a problem, the solution every time now is sex. Problem with bad vampires, fix it with sex. Can't figure out what clothes to wear, just add a little sex and the answer will come. It's become a little comical. Add to this that Anita has essentially grown very little as a character emotionally, but is the return of Jesus as far as her Paranormal powers are concerned.

Alas, my biggest gripe comes from all of the male characters in the story. I can no longer differentiate between any of the men in her life. They are all written the same, which really sucks. They've all become neutered man slaves that bow to Anita's every whim. Their every thought is how they can please Anita. Even poor Richard has jumped on the bandwagon, which is kind of bitter sweet. He always bugged me the most out of all the characters, but now he's part of the Anita Chain Gang. Now I kind of wish his stubborn dumb self was back.

This book has a lot more MM sex then ever before. It's kind of ironic that Anita doesn't like FF sex but is totally ok to have major MM orgies. I've always enjoyed Laurell books, but this was pretty graphic even by her standards. While listening to this while driving, I was always afraid that someone would hear it and wonder if I was listening to some gay porn, LOL.

All in all, this book has almost no plot.It's essentially entirely sex, with weak efforts to throw in a story every now and then.

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  • Overall
  • Chelsea
  • Little Rock, AR, United States
  • 10-09-10

Downward slope

Hamilton used to be one of my favorite authors. I started with the Anita Blake series and fell in love with the stories...and then the sex started and seemed to open some kind of pandora's box for sex thereafter. I kept thinking every time I bought her new books for the series "Maybe this one will be different...maybe she'll have some amazing twist and get back to the main story here." Then I read it and fight not bang my head on the desk. I mean seriously, is she going to add another sex partner EVERY book?! I think Anita has plenty, enough already! And I agree with some of the reviews, the men are starting to act like Anita's male-harem.
The narrator didn't help either. She made most of the men sound like unintelligent surfer wannabes. The only saving grace was the men with french accents. I really liked how she actually gave them the accents and really brought out the character.

3 of 3 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Another member of the Disappointed club

While this book was at least book length and not a short story rip off disguised as a book like Flirt and Michah, I have to agree with the other reviews that it lacks plot. Yes,sex is an integral part of the series, but if you take out the sex what is left would make a good start on the first three chapters of the story of the battle with the vampire council. I've been hoping for the last several books that the trend to more sex and less plot would change but that doesn't appear to be the case. I doubt I'll buy another in the series.

3 of 3 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Laurie
  • Indio, CA, United States
  • 06-18-10

Bullet - Anita Blake disappointment

I am one of the listeners who has never "read" Laurell K. Hamilton's work; so listened to every single "Anita Blake" audio book based on release dates not in order. The last two Anita Blake novels are going downhill on plot. "Flirt" seemed rushed and light on substance; but "Bullet" was like a porn movie big on the erotic, light on plot and bored me. First time I felt I wasted my money on her books. I like when she explores many of the other characters not just the sexcapades of Anita & whoever she is having sex with. Great for those who wanted to know she did homework on BDSM; I would rather see some work on the mystery of a police case and find many of her non preternatural friends more interesting like Ronnie, Edward, Dolph. It would be fun to meet her Grandmother Blake.

7 of 8 people found this review helpful