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A man awakens with no past, no childhood, no recollection except of a vague world of terror from which his mother cries out for vengeance for the slaughter of her people.

Abaria and Ofrid were opposing nations on Tarth, twin-planet to Earth lying beyond the sun. Abaria defeated Ofrid by treachery and leveled the nation to the ground, Retoc of Abaria killing Queen Evalla of Ofrid after fiendish torture. But Portox, the Ofridian scientist, transported Bram Forest, Evalla’s infant son to Earth where the prince grew to manhood in suspended animation and then returned to Tarth - a full grown man - to avenge his mother. As he arrives, Retoc has just slain Jlomec, brother of Bontare and Volna, rulers of powerful Nadia. The slaying is witnessed by Ylia, the Brown Virgin, who saves Bram Forest from death after Retoc wounds him seriously. While she nurses Bram, Retoc is hunting for her, fearing she will tell Bontare that he killed Jlomec. Retoc has no fear of Volna, as she is conspiring with him to rule Tarth.

Public Domain (P)2014 Harry Shaw

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